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Cheeky Penguin Websites provides many different types of services that will enhance one's own website. Our team of professionals will provide the best in all aspects of new and exciting web enhancements. Cheeky Penguin Websites takes great pride in providing these type of services at affordable rates and still managing to maintain the quality workmanship people have come to expect from or little organization.

Check out the many different extra services we offer!

Domain Names

Cheeky Penguin Websites offers discounted pricing on domain purchases. We offer domains in the following, .com .ca .net. Prices start from only $1.99 per year for .info.

Here's a tip!

*Before you start on a website it is best to make sure you can obtain the domain name that you want. The domain name is very important and can help make your website very successful!


Web Hosting Services

What is "Hosting" and why do I need it?

For your web site to be seen all the time it must be located on a computer that is accessible to the Internet 24/7, 365 days of the year. So, you need to host your site because if you don't no one will be able to see it. The computer that your site is "hosted" on is the computer that will physically store your pages and will allow anyone who is on the Internet to log on to it and view your site.

Hosting Option 1: Host Yourself
You could host this yourself if you always have your Internet connection turned on and know how to set up your computer to be a server. The down side is your PC is left open to hackers etc when you are not about. It's a huge risk to take for the little that hosting costs. We do not use our personal computers either for hosting websites. We use "servers" who's only job is to host sites.

Hosting Option 2: Purchase Hosting
The best way to host your site is with a web hosting company like us who has a server dedicated to hosting websites. We host 100's of sites all in the one location. We do this for a small fee and if your site goes down you don't need to worry about it, we will look after it all for you.

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Audio: Voice Overs, Radio Ads, CD's & More!

Cheeky Penguin Websites can complete and deliver voice overs within 72 hours of an order. Local companies are discovering this quick, simple way to order voice over and production services. Get started today!

When it comes to developing audio commercials for websites we are the voice over specialists. We can provide the script add music and provide the best voices in the market. We offer a wide range of services catering to the specific needs of our clients, including voice overs for: commercials, documentaries, web video, audio books, internet promos, industrials, multimedia & radio programming.

One-stop-shopping and single rate billing make the use of our in house voice over talent the most popular option for all of our clients.

Voice Over Applications:
Commercials, Promos, Internet audio voices, Web video, Industrials, Radio programming, Voice over marketing services, Character voices, Documentaries, Audio books, Multimedia voices, eLearning voice, Foreign language voices, Voice mail prompts, Voiceovers - On hold marketing, Commercial narration, In-store messaging, PA announcements, Corporate voice overs.

demos coming soon!

Video Productions / Web-mercials


From concept to fruition, Cheeky Penguin Websites can handle all aspects of video production, using our broadcast quality production, post production and digital video compression facilities, producers, directors, scriptwriters, creative artists, videographers and production crews.

We support standard video production & HD video production, along with different video distribution techniques, such as unbeatable HD streaming web video right on your website. The finished video production can be exported to several formats, including DVD, BetaSP, Mini-DV, MPEG, FLV, Quicktime, Windows Media or instant play streaming web video with zero buffer time.

Whatever the scope of your project, Cheeky Penguin Websites is fully prepared for both on-location and in-studio shoots. Our studio is equipped with full lighting and a green screen for compositing shots. We also have an excellent post production facilitiy to create videos with high impact graphics, transitions, custom music, amazing sound effects and special effects.

Video Production Applications:

TV Commercials, Documentaries, Travel video production, Sport video production, Streaming web video, Corporate videos, Corporate training DVD and web video, Live event video production, Live event recording and editing, Award ceremony visuals, Music videos, eLearning video production and delivery.


demos coming soon!


Stock Images and Digital Photography!


The pictures on your website reinforce the impact of both your copy and your web design. Finding the right photos for your site can be time consuming and confusing. At Cost Effective Web Design, we have the experience to match the right photos to the right words for maximum impact on your site visitors. Don't compromise on the photo quality on your website. Let us find the perfect photos for your business and implement them into your copy for a highly professional look that will save you time and money.

Stock photography: We have millions of top quality photos to enhance your website and give it the polished professional look you need. Our stock supply includes people, places, objects and graphic design to evoke an emotional response to your site design. Our stock photography is included in the package price of your web design, saving you money every step of the way.

Original photography: You can really make a statement using original photography on your website. While we are proud of the extensive stock photo supply we carry, sometimes you want something original and fresh just for your personal use. We use high-end digital SLR camera equipment and experience photographers with the right touch for capturing the perfect image for your site. Cost Efficient Web Design is an affordable way to add the perfect photos to your package easily and conveniently.


Do you need someone to maintain your website?


Your website is great but you need to add new information to keep it current and up dated because like many businesses things change, like staff, products, services, location. You have serveral options available, you can make the changes yourself, have a staff member do it or maybe you have a friend or family member that can help. These are great options to have but just in case you require a professional you should also have access to a webmaster that can service your requirements in a timely fashion.

Having a webmaster to maintain your website and keep the information current doesn't have to be expensive. Cheeky Penguin Websites work based on several different plans, one of which may work for you. Cheeky Penguin Websites offers website maintenance and updating services by the hour or by yearly contract billed at 6 month intervals. Please feel free to contact Cheeky Penguin Websites for more information and rates on our maintenance and updating services.

Every month Cheeky Penguin Websites puts up several great packages that we call "HOT DEALS". These packages are often priced very competitively so we can encourage new clients. So take a look!
Hot Deals
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