Q: How do Penguins drink their cola?
A: On the rocks.

Q: What´s black and white and goes round and around?
A: A Penguin in a revolving door.

Q: Why don´t you see Penguins in Britain?
A: Because they´re afraid of Wales.

Q: Who is a Penguin´s favourite pop star?
A: Seal.

Q: What kind of fish do Penguins catch at night?
A: Starfish.

Q: Why don´t Penguins like rock music?
A: They only like sole.

Q: Why do Penguins carry fish in their beaks?
A: Because they haven´t got any pockets.

Q: What do Penguins sing on a birthday?
A: Freeze a jolly good fellow.

Q: What do mother Penguins say to their children
before they go out in the dark?
A: Beak....careful out there.

Q: Why do two Penguins in a nest always agree?
A: Because they don´t wanna fall out.

Q: What do Penguins have for lunch?
A: Icebergers.

Q: What do you call a penguin in the desert?
A: Lost.



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