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Internet Marketing

Unfortunately simply submitting your web site to search engines will not drive traffic to your site. Although submission is an integral part of any effective search engine optimising strategy, you must achieve good search positions for anyone to find your listing.

As any search engine optimization company will tell you, getting you site listed in the first ten results for a specific keyword is as much art as a science. Anyone can get to number 1 on a unique word or trade name, but on a generic key phrase, it's much more tricky. Search engine optimizing can be difficult and confusing, but once you are aware of the key optimization techniques, time and persistence can yield a hugely gratifying reward if you get it right.

As Search Engine Optimizer's (SEO's), we ensure that the relevant words and phrases appear in the best positions on the pages. There are many other considerations, complicated by the engines modifying their preferences on a monthly basis.

There are three questions that need answering when optimizing your website.

1.  How are people searching for my products or services? (what keywords are used?)

2.  Who is ranking in the top 5 for those keywords? And why?

3.  Can I reasonably compete for these keywords?

Now that you have your targeted keywords you want to focus on, you are ready to create your SEO plan.

Please do not go and scrap your website.  Talk to an SEO expert at Cheeky Penguin Websites, today!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our search engine optimization consultant staff are able to assist with:
• Keyword research and identification of specific keywords and phrases
• Proper development and implementation of keywords and Meta tags
• HTML code editing for optimization
• Website content editing for optimization
• Complete Sitemap configuration and submissions
• Link building with other companies of a similar nature
• Positioning reports on a bi-monthly basis after completion for up to 90 days

With two seperate levels of search engine optimization, Cheeky Penguin Websites allows for more flexibility, to make sure your company's website gets the level of search engine optimization it needs. Search engine optimization packages are offered by our specialists, and raise your company's rank on major search engines. Our submission services are performed by qualified specialists, and provide higher ranking in search engines, and higher pagerank. Let Cheeky Penguin Websites bring your site to its full potential in the world of search engines.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is an exclusive interactive marketing promotion. PPC campaigns are a part of the general marketing strategy.

Cheeky Penguin integrates wide-ranging keyword research with competent and effective PPC tactic, which expands your company’s visibility without causing too much pain in your pocket.

With Cheeky Penguin’s PPC Management, you are secured that you get the worth of the money you are paying. Everyday, you will see the remarkable increase in the number of visitors who gets into your website. You belong to their toplist because they know the quality of products and services you have. Cheeky Penguin helps you acquire clients by buying keywords that prompts your advertisement to be shown when typed on the search box.

A carpenter knows how to build houses, but what does he know about effective keywords? Let our experts create a successful PPC Campaign… We don’t know how to build houses, but we certainly know how to get you to your customers. Contact our Marketing Rep now!

    Cheeky Penguin’s PPC advertising services include:

  • Wide-ranging keyword and productivity research
  • PPC promotion tactic and implementation
  • Geotargeting
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Day parting and ad scheduling
  • Professional Adcopy
  • Landing page discussion
  • Comprehensive update and assessment
  • Tactical PPC consulting


Social Media Marketing / Social Bookmarking / Social Media Optimization

The New Wave of Search Engine Optimization

Social media marketing has changed the way companies do business. Using social networks increases site exposure, strengthens company branding, multiplies inbound links and drives a powerful viral marketing response.

Social media marketing requires changing your idea of search-engine marketing. Traditional search-engine optimization points users to your website from a single search-engine, such as Google. But social networking is founded on multiplicity: the more sites where your domain is referenced or "bookmarked," the better. You can view social networking sites as the new search-engines: Driving traffic from social networking sites will boost your online success.

Social Media:

We provide strategies and advice for the following social media:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • MySpace
  • Digg
  • StumbleUpon
  • Blogs and RSS feeds

for demos go here!

Article Submissions

A highly successful way in which to increase your web rankings quickly and significantly. This involves the process of creating articles about your business and services and linking them to other websites.

By doing this we generate focused traffic as well as helping visitors to your site recognize you as a source of quality information regarding your products, services and industry.

We can create your articles as well as syndicate them (connect them to other sites).

Here are some ways in which articles can benefit you!

• Higher Rankings: Your website traffic will increase and also as the articles that are written and syndicated are directly relevant to your site it means that the traffic will also be genuine. Hence you are increasing your traffic in two ways: one by attracting prospective clients to your site through articles displayed on other sites and secondly, by increasing your website rankings.

• Multiple Links: An article can contain several links in its text, each with a unique Anchor Text, all pointing to different sections of your website. This gives you the advantage of targeting several Anchor Texts, keywords and incoming links from the same page.

• Longer Life Span: Articles posted as content, are generally not taken off a website. The fact that they would remain there gives you an advantage to enjoy a greater life span for these links and even after many months/years could be filed in the 'archives' section of the website, thereby giving your website long-term benefits of the links embedded in those articles.

We can create your articles as well as syndicate them (connect them to other sites).


  • Article submissions will enhance your search rankings immedieately!
  • Each article will have links back to your website, which means more traffic!
  • Produces trageted traffic that converts to higher sales!
  • Over 500 submissions to forums/blogs/ezines!

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Link Building: The Power of the Few

Link popularity plays a central role in how search engines rank your site for keywords. Without keyword text links directed at your site, it isn’t likely that it ranks highly for anything other than the least competitive keywords. Acquiring keyword-rich text links built on relevant pages that have pagerank will improve your site’s position in search engine results pages – FAST!

If you have a site with great content but aren’t enjoying the search engine traffic of page one rankings, call us today to get a free a custom link building strategy to meet your goals.



Content Writing

An effective website does not only contain excellent graphics and animations. For a website to get more and more visitors, it should have a well-written copy that speaks about your company goals and products.

Copies should be compelling, persuasive, and informative, well-structured, and search engine friendly so that your website stays accessible and visited. These are what Cheeky Penguin offers you: a copy that clearly explains and tells about who you are and why should your customers close a deal with you.

Cheeky Penguin’s group of research-oriented and proficient web copywriters gives you the solution. Hand over your project to us so we can start examining your goals, creating your website content that clearly tells what you intend to convey to your customers.

    Our copy writers will provide you with the following:

  • Our Content is appealing to search engines and to your visitors so that you get first and your visitors keep on navigating you website, ultimately patronizing your product.
  • Our Content has top keyword density.
  • Our Content has no irrelevant details that may bore your customer. Content must be Informative, Entertaining, and Persuasive

    Cheeky Penguin’s Web Copywriting services include:

  • Original content that attracts google and visitors alike
  • Submission of articles to over 500 forums/blogs
  • Long tail keywords are used to attract even more vistors
  • All content/articles/press releases is the property of the client
  • Professional Adcopy

Every month Cheeky Penguin Websites puts up several great packages that we call "HOT DEALS". These packages are often priced very competitively so we can encourage new clients. So take a look!
Hot Deals
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